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Personal Styling Session

Ever want to be styled by a pro? Come in for a free personal styling session with me through Bloomingdales Soho. Before the session, we’ll text about your sizing and style ideas. The sessions are one hour long.

Champagne’s on me.


Event Styling

Have a big event coming up? Focus on getting ready for the event rather than finding the perfect outfit.

Whether it’s a wedding, a red carpet, or anything in between, I’ll get your look set up from head-to-toe. We’ll meet for an hour and a half fitting to try several different looks.

Champagne’s on me.


Musician Styling

Do you have a music video shoot coming up? Getting ready to go on the road?

Come in for lunch, free drinks, and a two hour session and I’ll show you how to make fashion waves on and off the stage.


Commercial Styling

Looking for a commercial stylist? Need someone to translate your wardrobe dreams into reality on set? Contact me for rates on your next commercial shoot.


Questions? Send me a message and I'll get back to you