Essentials For Staying Warm In NYC Winters

So, being from Southern California, I was more than anxious about my first NYC winter. The #1 piece of advice from all my friends who live on the East Coast was: GET A GOOD COAT. I did. It turns out their advice was right.

(FYI, you will spend about $1000 on your winter coat. A pricey (read: quality) winter coat will be more than worth the money. It bought my ability to get through winter).

I don’t think you need a ton of clothes for a cold winter. You do need pieces that you can wear on repeat…ALL WINTER LONG. Quality over quantity. Here are my top 4 pieces to get through an NYC winter:

  1. Dead of winter coat: #1 winter priority

    Mackage Akiva $990

    Parajumpers Sindy Velvet Down Coat $1265

    Vegan option here $450

  2. All weather shoes that aren’t hideous: because you’ll be walking around in the snow

    Blundstone Heeled Boots $189

  3. Cashmere because it is 100% warmer than cotton

    Everlane Cashmere Crew $100

  4. You’ll be so happy you have long underwear for the 10-15 days you’ll really need it

    Uniqlo Heattech Leggings $14.99

    Uniqlo Heattech Turtleneck $9.99

Liz HurtComment