How To Pick Out An Engagement Ring

Your wedding ring is YOURS.. There isn’t any obligation to get the same style as generations before you, your best friend, or anyone else.

My husband and I waited a year into our marriage to pick out rings because I had no clue what kind of ring I wanted. Somehow, the saved images of engagement rings on Pinterest felt like they didn’t fit our love. We wanted something uniquely “us” and we decided to wait to figure out what that meant.

A year later, we ended up picking out matching thick gold bands because it is what we felt best symbolized us coming together. It’s simple, easy to maintain, and goes with everything. It’s different than most women’s engagement rings, but fits us perfectly.

Here are some non-traditional wedding ring venders that we found in our search. We ended up trying on wedding bands in person to find our sizing, the width, and fit we wanted. From there, we ordered our rings wholesale online.

  1. Wholesale Wedding Bands (perfect for wedding bands & eternity rings, affordable)

  2. Lightbox (lab grown diamonds, sustainable, affordable)

  3. Quiet Storms (Brooklyn boutique of independent jewelers, unique designs, local)

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