3 Simple Ways to Look Put Together

I truly believe that getting dressed can be easy and joyful. As I was learning about fashion, I began to throw out the rules and ignore current trends. I started wondering if there was a more simple way to go about feeling great in your clothes. These are the only 3 “fashion rules” I’ve noticed that work for everyone.

  1. Wear 3 articles of clothing. It can be pants/a skirt, a shirt, and a jacket/blazer/cardigan. Or pants, a shirt, and a scarf. Or pants, a shirt, and a hat. Ladies, with dresses, add a jacket and sunglasses, or a striking piece of jewelry and cool bag. You get it! 1,2,3.

  2. Mix textures. A silk top with jeans. A knit sweater with (faux) leather pants. Jeans and leather shoes. Only wear the same texture on top and bottom when suiting.

  3. Tailor your clothes. It’s pretty affordable to get your pants or sleeves hemmed if they are too long. Clothes that really fit you make a HUGE difference in how pulled together you look. NIGHT AND DAY actually.

Liz HurtComment