Hey! Nice to meet you. Here are a couple FAQ’s you may be wondering about…

What is personal styling?

A personal stylist is working with you as an individual rather than promoting a certain brand or company.

Is personal styling right for me?

Personal styling is super beneficial for 3 types of folks.

1. You want to feel more confident in how you present yourself.

2. You are busy and don’t have the time to shop.

3. You are in the middle of a life transition (career expansion, big job interview, just had a baby, etc.)

How often do personal style sessions happen?

However often you want. 1 session can be enough. Some folks come in every season. Others come in frequently because they attend a lot of events or are in the public eye often.



Liz Hurt is a stylist based in Los Angeles.

Liz's commercial work has been seen in national TV commercials (Pepsi Super Bowl, Clairol, Salesforce, NARAL), music videos (Lucius, Magana), museums (The Asian Art Museum) and in theater productions at The Public Theater, The American Conservatory Theater, Marin Theater Company, West Edge Opera, and The Aurora Theater, among many others.

Liz has won and been nominated for awards including "Best Music Video" by Billboard Music and Vimeo "Staff Picks."

As a personal stylist, Liz specializes in working with people who are looking to define or expand their personal, signature style. The emphasis during all of the styling sessions is on you. Her first question for you is simple: “Why now?” From there, we’ll discover what your fashion point of view is, what you want to do long term with your style, and how best to get there.

Liz offers personal styling sessions, event styling, and musician styling.


YES! Now what?

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