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...walking into a room feeling incredibly comfortable in your own skin. You look put together, everything you are wearing is flattering, and you are fully confident in your outfit. You are able to let your personality RIDE. You stand out as you. 

Feel unsure while getting dressed? Been there. Spend too much time and money on clothes you only sort of like? Been there too. I began teaching people how to feel great in their clothes in 2008 and have been personal styling ever since. Today, I know what it takes to feel confident in how you dress.

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Hey! I'm Liz Hurt. I’ve been a stylist and designer for 10 years and have won several awards for my work.

More About Me

1- Designer for national commercials and Fortune 500 companies 

2- Designer for award winning music videos and major theater productions

3- Personal Stylist in NYC for executives, artists, and everything in between

4- Contributing writer to magazines about fashion and wellness 



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I’ll help you find your personal, signature style while drinking champagne.

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You’re busy and you don’t want to shop for days. I’ll set you up head to toe for your big event in an hour and a half or less.


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A whole new way of being was opened up to me after working with Liz. There is so much more within me to express through my style. She guided me into seeing a new way of seeing myself. She also gave me a ton of practical tools to feel confident in my own styling.
— Rachael G


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